Virat Kohli tested positive for Covid-19

During India’s tour of England, the top batsman, Virat Kohli has tested positive for the deadly virus Covid-19. He visited Maldives along with his wife Anushka Sharma, before heading to England, and this may be the main reason for contracting the virus. He isolated himself soon after testing Covid positive and currently he is under medical observance.

The rescheduled 5th Test match will be played by India on July 5th against England at Edgbaston. So, if Virat Kohli recovers from the virus by the time, then it will be the lucky time for team India to perform the match along with the star player.

Players who have come in close contact with Kohli and are likely to be tested for Covid by the team India management. Let’s hope that Virat Kohli recovers soon from the virus and begins his schedule as usual.

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