Vijay fined Rs 1 Lakhs by Madras High Court

Tamil actor Thalapathy Vijay was fined Rs 1 Lakh by Madras High Court for seeking tax exemption on his luxurious car Rolls Royce. Sarkar actor Vijay was asked to pay the tax within a 2 week period.

Vijay has  a bunch of luxury cars,  and he is  fined Rs 1 Lakh by the Madras High Court, for not paying entry tax on his Rolls Royce car and the worth of this car is worth of Rs 7.95 crores. In  the year 2012, Master actor filed a petition to restrain tax authorities from demanding or collecting entry tax of his Rolls Royce car, which was imported from England. But today, Justice SM Subramaniam imposed a fine of Rs one lakh on the Vijay, and  ordered  him to pay the amount to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Covid 19 Public Relief Fund within 2 weeks from the date of the receipt of a copy of the order.

The court said, “These actors are portraying themselves as  the champions to bring social justice. Their pictures are against corrupt activities in the society. But, they are evading tax and acting in a manner, which is not in consonance with provisions of the Statutes.”

Justice SM Subramaniam also said that payment of tax is the duty of every citizen and it is a mandatory contribution rather than a donation.

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