Video of youth being attacked goes viral

A video of a young man being attacked by unidentified persons has gone viral on social media. A video of a semi-naked man being attacked by a few unidentified persons has been doing the rounds on the social media platforms.

On inquiry, police identified the victim as Pradeep (26) from Nethimedu here.

According to the police, Pradeep has been working as a truck driver and the transport operator reportedly came to know recently that he was stealing fuel from vehicles. Pradeep reportedly told the owner that he would pay for the stolen fuel.

However, later, other drivers of the company who came to know about the theft attacked Prakash near Nethimedu and shot a video, police said.

The attackers were identified as Prakash, Hari and and Srinivasan from Nethimedu and the Salem City police are on the lookout for the accused. Further probe is on.

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