Vedha Movie Review & Rating!

Cast & Crew:
Shiva Rajkumar (Hero)
Ganavi Laxman (Heroine)
Bharat Sagar, Shweta Chengappa (Cast)
Harsha (Director)
Geeta Sivarajkumar (Producer)
Arjun Janya (Music)
Swami J. Gowda (Cinematography)

Kannada star actor Shivraj Kumar’s 125th release ‘Veda’ has been a huge success in Karnataka. Since it is an action movie, it was released in the Telugu version with the same name. And let’s see how this revenge action drama impressed the Telugu audience..!!

Story: Veda lives happily with his wife and children in a village called Shirli. But because of a gang, all their dreams are shattered. With that, Veda (Shivaraj Kumar) and his daughter Kanaka (Aditi Sagar) kill some people in the worst way possible.

Who is that gang? Why did they target the Vedic family and the village? How did Veda take revenge on them? is the plot of the movie “Veda”.

Performance of Actors:
 Hero Shivraj Kumar proved his seniority. Although it is a bit difficult for his age, the action stunts done with great skill will impress the mass audience.

Ganavi Laxman, the actress who impressed the most, as beautiful as a village girl, acted as cruelly as she did in action blocks. Aditi Sagar, who played the role of the daughter, was also a hit. All the rest of the padding artists felt that the scope of their roles didn’t matter.

Technical performance: Background music by Arjun Janya is good. Especially the way the action blocks were elevated with the background score made the audience immersed in the film. The songs didn’t sync up with the Telugu Nativity, and the lyrics weren’t great either.

Swami J. Gowda’s cinematography work is a special attraction. In fact, Swamy has elevated a very simple story with just his camera work.

The production design & art work team cannot be praised enough. Because of their excellent work.. There was no unnaturalness anywhere in the period drama.

Harsha, the director, paid more attention to the narration than the story. Therefore, whenever there was an occasion of a bit of shock in the movie, he added an emotional or action block and made the audience not feel bored. Harsha scored more marks as a director than as a storyteller.

Analysis: If you can enjoy the action blocks & emotional scenes without caring too much about the story, “Veda” is a movie worth watching once in the theatre. However.. It is to be seen how much the collection of this movie will be released in OTT.

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