‘VCK never wanted to join forces with TTV’

Thirumavalavan denies reports

VCK president Thol. Thirumavalavan has denied reports that he opened channels of communication with AMMK leader T.T.V. Dhinakaran on coming to know that the DMK was making efforts to rope the PMK into its alliance for the Lok Sabha polls.

“There is no basis for the report. Immediately after coming to know about the report, which was published in an evening newspaper, I posted a video message on Facebook explaining my position to clear the confusion in the minds of our party cadre,” he told The Hindu.

“In fact, I told the DMK leaders to take a decision keeping in mind the interest of their party, even as I expressed my inability to be part of any front of which the PMK was a member,” he added. The VCK leader said the presence of the BJP in the AIADMK alliance would have a negative effect on the front and would improve the prospects of the DMK alliance.

Anti-incumbency factor

“Both the BJP and the AIADMK are in power, and the anti-incumbency factor will work against them. In the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, there was a wave in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But now, the tide has completely turned against him. Moreover, the AIADMK front in Tamil Nadu does not have popular leaders who are capable of securing votes for their parties,” he said.

When asked about the contention that those who criticised the BJP for using religion in politics had turned a blind eye to the communal politics of certain Muslim outfits, Mr. Thirumavalavan said that though political parties representing minorities espoused fundamentalism, it was not as dangerous as the majoritarianism of the BJP. “Majoritarianism takes an offensive stand and will not augur well for the country’s unity and democracy,” he said.

Mr. Thirumavalavan, who had contested from the Chidambaram reserved constituency four times and was elected once, said he would prefer to contest in this seat again.

“But let me see what the DMK high command decides,” he added.

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