Vaiko slams GO against distribution of goods by parties

MDMK general secretary Vaiko on Sunday took exception to the State government’s announcement that political parties, voluntary organisations and individuals should not directly distribute food or relief material to those affected by the COVID-19 lockdown.

“Instead of appreciating their effort, the government has sought to prevent them because it was envious of the good name earned by political parties and others,” Mr. Vaiko charged in a statement.

Pointing out that the distribution of food and relief material by individuals and political parties had not caused any problem or nuisance, Mr. Vaiko said on the contrary people had benefited from the gesture.

“Crowding and shoving is happening only in shops and markets where people stand in a queue to purchase essential commodities,” he said.

Urging the government to rescind its order, Mr.Vaiko said the police and the government officials could be asked to regulate the crowd in places where political parties and organisations were distributing assistance.

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