Vaccine awareness drives to be intensified in Chennai

The Corporation will intensify information, education and communication (IEC) activities to promote vaccination in the city.

The next 30 days of the awareness drive will focus on each household using data from the electoral rolls, officials said.

On Sunday, a 95-year-old senior citizen was administered the COVID-19 vaccine at Chinnakulandai Street, Royapuram. The local residents, who take care of the senior citizen, have been advised to promote COVID appropriate behaviour.

Corporation officials will also monitor the condition of such residents, visiting households at regular intervals. The IEC activities will be organised at 123 crowding points of the city to promote COVID appropriate behaviour.

Joint inspection of the police and Corporation officials will be intensified over the next month to create awareness among residents and traders.

The police and the Corporation had already formed 123 teams to enforce COVID appropriate behaviour at crowding points in the city.

Residents yet to get vaccinated will get messages about the need to inoculate themselves shortly.

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