Unemployment rate in Haryana is lower than neighbouring States: CM Manohar Lal

Manohar Lal says CMIE’s claims not based on facts

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal on Saturday said according to the latest report of the ‘National Statistical Organisation’, the unemployment rate of Haryana is 9.9% against country’s unemployment rate of 13.3%.

“Haryana’s unemployment rate is much lower than the neighbouring States of Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab,” he said, adding as per NSO data, the unemployment rate is 12% in Delhi, 15.1% in Rajasthan, 13.4% in Uttar Pradesh and 10.8% in Punjab.

Hitting out at Opposition parties and Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), Mr. Lal said their claims that unemployment rate in Haryana has increased were not based on facts. “The CMIE has shown one third of the people of Haryana to be unemployed. Those specialising in the field of employment believe that the data displayed by CMIE can’t be called fair and transparent. Its survey has many flaws related to design, size, data, questionnaire, etc. Employability, workforce and manpower have not been made the basis in this. It covers only 0.028% of the total households. Also, during the lockdown in April 2020, CMIE data had put the unemployment rate in the State at 26.7%. This rate should have ideally declined after the lockdown restrictions were lifted and factories started working. However, even after that, CMIE is showing the unemployment rate to be increasing and in the latest report, this rate was further increased to 35.7% in Haryana,” said Mr. Lal in a statement.

Mr. Lal said as per the National Statistical Organisation, the unemployment rate of Haryana is 9.9%. However, there are many youths who are employed but are in search of better employment opportunities and thus have registered themselves on ‘HREX’ (employment department). “In such a situation, if the figures are assessed correctly, then the unemployment rate in Haryana is not more than 4-5%. The State government wants to ensure that every youth of the State is employed and no youth keen to work will be unemployed,” he said.

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