Two more health centres in Kannur get national certification

Kannur district has the largest number of NQAS-certified facilities

With two more health centres in the district obtaining the National Quality Assurance Standard (NQAS) certification, Kannur has become the first district in the State with the maximum number of hospitals with the national approval.

Mattool Primary Health Centre with a score of 95.8% and Munderi Family Health Centre with 92.1% score are the new NQAS-certified facilities in the district.

So far, 18 institutions in the district have received NQAS accreditation. The annual incentive will be ₹2 lakh for NQAS-accredited PHCs and ₹10,000 per bed for other hospitals. The NQAS approval is for three years.

The accreditation is given based on parameters including general administration and OP lab, patient services, staff efficiency, drug availability and distribution, clinical services, patient-friendly services, infectious disease control, maternal and child health, lifestyle disease control and immunisation services.

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