TTD Chairman YV Subbareddy gave clarity on Tirumala Srivari temple drone video..

The Tirumala Srivari Temple drone video affair has become a sensation. TTD officials were shocked after the video went viral on social media. The TTD and security officials, who entered the field immediately, are preparing to send the visuals to the forensic lab. It is reported that an inquiry has been ordered against the administrators of the YouTube channel.

TTD Chairman YV Subbareddy recently responded to this video matter. He reminded that according to the rules, flying of airplanes and drones on the Ananda Nilaya Gopuram is prohibited. He said that investigation is going on on the video which is going viral on social media. He said that the person who uploaded the visuals has been identified as a resident of Hyderabad.. We will register a criminal case against those responsible. They said that they are also investigating whether they are spreading evil propaganda against TTD in terms of conspiracy.

The TTD chairman said that the facts will be placed before the devotees in two or three days. They say that this video was not taken recently.. It may be an old video. The aerial view of Srivari temple with the help of drone cameras has been criticized as it is prohibited to shoot the video whenever the video is taken. This video is a crime no matter what.. That’s why the information is being received that TTD is preparing to take action against those who posted it on social media.. YouTube channels. They are also saying that the video is fake.

It is said that the main temple is in the security zone around it, so it is not possible to capture it with the drone camera. After the forensic lab report, legal action is taken against the wrongdoers. It seems that an attempt is being made to arrest the person who posted the visuals on this insta. The person who took the video is said to be from Hyderabad.

Also, there are opinions that this video may be a 3D image, a Google Live video. It is being discussed that mudslinging is being done against TTD by bringing this video to the screen. Opinions are expressed that they are holding the old video and spreading the word that it happened now. It is expected that there will be clarity on these issues soon. All in all Srivari temple video has become a hot topic now.

Tirumala is a ‘no fly zone’ on top of Srivaru hill. Airplanes and helicopters are not allowed to fly from the top of that hill. Even according to Agama Shastra no objects are allowed to fly over Srivari temple. However, a drone video related to the Tirumala temple appeared on social media. How the video was recorded in a place with tight security remains a mystery.

Drone shots of Tirumala Venkateswara Swamy temple.. This matter came out after it went viral on Instagram. Officials found that this video was uploaded from an account called Icon. The video is said to have been uploaded in November last year. Full details to be known.

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