Truck driver sets himself, female employer on fire

A truck driver attempted to set himself and his employer on fire after he sexually assaulted her when she refused his advances. The incident took place on May 24, said the police, who have registered a case against the driver, Chandrashekhar, 50, for attempt to murder and attempt to commit suicide.

Both the victim and the accused sustained serious burn injuries and have been admitted to Devanahalli general hospital, the police said. The woman, who is 34 years old, lives with her minor son at Garereravi Layout in Devanahalli. Her husband died two years ago.

Chandrashekhar is a distant relative of the victim’s husband and used to drive the truck belonging to him. “He visited the house often and tried to have a relationship with the woman, but she refused his advances. On Monday. he forced himself on her. When she fought back, he dragged her minor son to the bathroom and locked him there,” said a police officer.

He then poured petrol on himself and the woman, and set them on fire. Neighbours intervened when they heard the woman’s cries. The Devanahalli police are now awaiting for the accused to recover to arrest him.

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