Triple murder solved

Belagavi Police have solved the triple murder of Dodwad village reported a few days ago.

Villagers had found the bodies of Shivanand Andanshetty (60), his second wife, Shantavva (45), and son, Vinod (26), at Dodwad village on January 18. Later, the police had found some clues and began working on the case. Investigation led them to Shivanand Andanshetty’s first wife, Kasturevva, her brother and other relatives of the accused.

They arrested Shivappa Bhagwantanavar, Govind Sangolli, Basavantappa Andanshetty and Mallikarjun Andanshetty on the charge of hatching a conspiracy and killing the three.

Shivappa Bhagwantanavar, who was the adopted son of Shivanand Andanshetty, was upset that he [Shivanand Andanshetty] had married again and transferred his property to his children from the second marriage. Govind Sangolli, Kasturavva’s brother, and Basavantappa Andanshetty and Mallikarjun Andanshetty, who were related to Shivanand Andanshetty, joined him in taking revenge.

They broke into Shivanand Andanshetty’s house at night and found that all the three asleep. They took an iron rod that was in the house of the victim and smashed the head of the victims. They shouted at Shivanand Andanshetty and abused him before killing him.

Superintendent of Police Lakshman Nimbaragi said that inquiring about the family in the village and studying the family history led to the clues. A thorough investigation of the crime scene was made and all evidence have been recorded, he told journalists in Belagavi on Thursday.

Additional Superintendent of Police Amarnath Reddy and staff of the Dodwad Police Station were present.

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