Trickster tries to extort money from Telangana Minister Gangula Kamalakar

Hyderabad Central Crime Station officials are looking out for the trickster based on the telephone numbers he used

An unidentified man tried to extort money from Telangana Minister for BC Welfare Gangula Kamalakar by sending him a fake warrant in the name of Enforcement Directorate (ED).

The Minister personally tried to catch the trickster who had been speaking with him over phone and chatting through WhatsApp for the past few days. With the Hyderabad Central Crime Station (CCS) sleuths registering a criminal case following a complaint from the ED authorities, the trickster went underground and stopped communicating with the Minister.

The CCS officials are looking out for him based on the telephone numbers he used. They hope to catch the trickster soon. The person speaking Telugu with a strong Telangana accent rang up the Minister from a landline number nearly three weeks ago, claiming that he was ED Joint Director calling from Delhi.

The caller tried to scare the Minister stating that ED authorities were gearing up to conduct a raid on the granite business his family members were carrying out. “I smelt a rat since the first call was made on Sunday evening. Normally, officials would not work at that hour,” Mr. Kamalakar told The Hindu.

While attending to the phone calls, the Minister inquired from whose landline phone number the call was originating. Interestingly, that turned out to be the landline number of ED Joint Director. Eventually, the Minister realised the trickster was using call spoofing to get the ED’s official number displayed on the Minister’s mobile phone.

A few days later, the trickster called again. This time he asked the Minister to “settle the matter” with him to stop the ED searches. “With one phone call I can stop entire Delhi office…your phone is being tapped…let us chat through WhatsApp,” the caller was quoted as saying by the Minister.

On inquiry, it was confirmed that the WhatsApp number was of Canada’a. When the Minister asked the caller why he was using Canadian number, the latter replied that he earlier worked there. Recently he made a call again to Mr. Kamalakar stating that “you have to hurry and there is not much time left for the settlement”.

Meanwhile, through WhatsApp, he sent a ‘fake warrant from ED’ to the Minister stating that his elder brother and another sibling’s son were going to be arrested. While the Minister was checking the veracity of the warrant, the ED officials approached the Hyderabad police who issued a first information report (FIR).

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