Tribal haadis in Chamarajanagar are now free from COVID-19

The State’s first COVID-19 Care Centre for tribals set up in an ashram school was useful in controlling the spread

Tribals living in the forest fringes of Chamarajanagar district who had contracted COVID-19 recently and recovered from the infection are now returning to their ‘haadis’ (settlements), thanking the ZP and GP authorities for the healthcare provided to them.

Thanks to the concern of the gram panchayat and the special attention given for their treatment, the Soliga haadis that had reported infection are now free from COVID-19.

The State’s first COVID-19 Care Centre (CCC) for tribals was set up at the ashram school in Jeerige Gadde village in P.G. Palya Gram Panchayat in the district. Tribals from Jeerige Gadde, Haavina Moole, and Bellave haadis who had tested positive were isolated at the CCC and all of them have recovered from the infection, a press release said here.

The ZP CEO, Boyar Harshal Narayana Rao, who visited the haadis on knowing about tribals testing positive, gave directions for setting up the CCC at Jeerige Gadde. The timely intervention and treatment at the CCC helped control the spread of the infection.

The tribal leaders, ASHAs and anganwadi workers, besides the GP officers and task force, collectively worked in freeing the haadis from COVID-19. As many as 30 tribals had tested positive and all of them have recovered..

The entire team also played a key role in removing misapprehensions about vaccines and convincing the tribals to get the doses. The tribals in B.R. Hills Gram Panchayat also showed interest in taking the vaccine.

“The tribals who were reluctant to get vaccinated are now coming forward to take the vaccine. More than 500 have secured jobs under the MGNREGA. Today, the Soliga haadis are free from COVID-19 and many are coming forward for the jabs,” said the ZP CEO.

Swab collection facilities had been made in the GP limits close to haadis and transportation had also been arranged for shifting the infected to the care centres.

“The funds under the 15th Finance Commission were used to set up the CCC. More awareness drives were done and people were sensitised about the pandemic and the precautions to be taken. This helped us to free tribal haadis from COVID-19,” said P.G. Palya GP PDO Raju.

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