Training stakeholders for a robust emergency response

NDRF launches FAMEX 2021, a 13-day exercise

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has launched a familiarisation exercise, ‘FAMEX – 2021’, aimed at equipping the administration for a rapid and efficient response to emergencies.

According to a press note, the 13-day exercise is a joint programme of an NDRF Battalion, Arakkonam, in co-ordination with the District Disaster Management Authority.

Given the paradigm shift from relief-centric to holistic, proactive approach in managing various disasters, the task of managing disaster risk and building resilience requires the involvement of multiple agencies at different levels from local to State. Apart from focusing on upskilling the community as it provides the first response at a disaster site, the programme will also prepare the ground for different departments/agencies with different levels of expertise, to generate a well coordinated and cohesive action to minimise the effect of disaster, the press note said.

FAMEX involves the NDRF team carrying out a survey of the district geography, vulnerable areas, hospitals, Major Accident Hazard units/industries etc and collecting information pertaining to disaster management which will be very useful at the time of response to any disaster.

NDRF team consists of 15 personnel led by Chandan Kuman, Sub-Inspector, and Amit Kumar, Sub-Inspector, while the facilitation from the district side involving multiple departments is led by District Collector Purva Garg and N. Tamilselvan, Deputy Collector.

The NDRF has deployed divers, swimmers, first-aid, OBM boat operation and a demolition expert, equipped with tree cutting machine, concrete demolisher, OBM (outboard motor) boat, buoys and night flares.

Ms. Garg, while appreciating the NDRF’s services during the recent heavy rain, requested them to get acquainted with the vulnerable areas and conduct awareness programmes especially for NCC cadets, Civil Defence and NSS volunteers. The team visited Chunnambar Boat House and interacted with the officials on safety aspects and rescue operations during boat capsize and drowning incidents.

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