Traffic signals on the blink in Urapakkam

The traffic signal at the intersection of Grand Southern Trunk Road and Ayyancherry Main Road in Urapakkam is out of order for quite sometime now, which encourages motorists to flout road safety rules. The problems frequently encountered include lane violation and geisterfahrer (wrong-way driving).

Further, the road at the intersection is severely battered and stones can be found protruding, which increases the risk of skidding accidents.

Residents feel a pedestrian signal is required at the intersection. With an almost continuous flow of vehicles, during the busy hours of the day, pedestrians find it difficult to cross the intersection.

K. M. Prem Anand, a resident of Urapakkam, points out, “Recently, a motorist suffered severe injuries on his arm while trying to take a u-turn at the intersection. Fatal accidents are nearly a miss at the intersection.”

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