Too many answer sheets to evaluate, say teachers

DU council writes to VC on OBE woes

Members of the academic council of Delhi University wrote to the Vice Chancellor on Friday raising concerns over the evaluation of open book exams.

Many teachers have reported that a large number of answer scripts have been assigned to them for evaluation, the letter states. Calling it unjust and unethical, the teachers wrote, “We are appalled to see how the authorities can be so callous by assigning a humongous number of sheets to an individual teacher.”

They also added that a marking scheme or instructions for evaluation had not been provided. They argued that steps should have been taken to ensure uniformity of the evaluation process. Currently, they alleged that some teachers had even been given answer scripts of papers that they had not taught.

On top of this, many teachers didn’t have laptops or desktops at home to undertake the evaluation. Highlighting that students had appeared for the exams despite the pandemic, the teachers argued that it was their moral responsibility to finish the evaluation process and declare the results at the earliest.

Sought clear guidelines

Asking the Vice Chancellor to take note of the issue, they demanded clear guidelines to be issued to ensure uniformity of evaluation and that subject specific evaluators be assigned 50 answer scripts at the most.

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