TNAU initiates cotton farmers into high-density cultivation

Cotton farmers have been sensitised to benefits of mechanised sowing of high-density planting system and pesticide spraying by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University’s research station at Vepppanthattai.

The high-density system involving raising of five to 10 plants per square metre will improve yield and suit mechanised harvesting. For sowing under high density with good precision, pneumatic seed drill may be effectively used, said S.Somasundaram Head of Cotton Research Station.

In the four-row configurated seed drill, the row spacing is adjustable. It can sow both cotton and corn, the dominant crops of this region.

According to Elumalai, Deputy Director of Agriculture, mechanisation of cotton farming is a must to increase the area under cultivation in Perambalur-Ariyalur districts. Mechanical sowing and spraying will result in saving 30% of labour in cotton cultivation.

Rajasekar, zonal Manager, UPL, Coimbatore, demonstrated the boom spraying machine at a programme held at the research station on Tuesday. The sprayer can cover one acre in 40 minutes, he said.

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