TIFR comes up with cheap rechargeable N 95 mask

The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Hyderabad has developed a low-cost rechargeable N 95 mask with an increased efficacy.

This has been achieved by using graphene oxide-based paint on one of the layers of the mask.

According to Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, regular N 95 masks filter particles which are 0.3 microns in size with an efficiency of 95%.

“While the fibres of the mask pose as a mechanical barrier, an electrostatic charge on the surface of the mask traps particles. With usage, the electrostatic charge on the N95 masks erodes away, thus, decreasing the filtering efficiency of the mask. To address this bottleneck, researchers in TIFR Hyderabad have developed a low-cost rechargeable N95 mask,” a statement from TIFR reads.

The mask is reusable after standard decontamination procedures without losing its efficiency. It can be recharged with small movements such as the movement of the jaw.

The research was led by Dr. G. Rajalakshmi and Prof. T.N. Narayan along with graduate students Stelbin Peter Figerez and Sudeshna Patra. The researchers have also developed a device for testing masks for quality.

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