Three entrances to Sri Nellaiappar Temple thrown open for devotees

Three more entrances at the famous Sri Nellaiappar Temple, which were closed since December 2004 for security reasons, were thrown open for devotees here on Sunday.

During a recent visit of HR & CE Minister P K Sekar Babu to Tirunelveli, the public had made a representation to consider reopening the three entrances, which were closed about 16 years ago. After assuring to actively consider the plea, the Minister held discussions with the Collector, Police and other authorities about the possibilities.

After ascertaining, the officials proposed to the Minister that the plea could be considered by the government.

Hence, after consulting the Chief Minister and getting his approval, the HR & CE officials threw open the gates on Sunday.

The archakas performed special pujas before reopening the entrances at the north, south and western sides. The east entrance alone was in use, wherein the devotees were allowed to enter the temple after screening by the police.

With all the four entrances opened again, the devotees thanked the government for instantly responding to their appeal.

A senior temple official said that they did use the three entrances every year only during special occasions after 2004, when the police advised to keep them (three entrances) closed for security reasons.

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