Three drown in well at Devala

Three persons drowned in an open well at Vadamula in Devala, the Nilgiris, on Tuesday evening.

Police identified the deceased as S. Suganya alias Ruby (20), her brother S. Tamilalagan (24), and their neighbour A. Sathyaseelan alias Murali (24).

Police said the three had ventured into a reserve forest, encroached on by a coffee plantation, to gather firewood. It is believed that Suganya failed to spot an uncovered well that was overgrown with plants, and she fell inside. Tamilagan is said to have jumped in after her to rescue her, plummeting more than 70 feet into the well.

Sathyaseelan had grabbed a rope and was trying to pull both Suganya and Tamilalagan out when he too fell inside, and all three persons drowned. Fire and rescue service personnel as well as police were called to the area, and the bodies were retrieved.

Investigation is on.

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