Three are in Danger zone – who will be eliminated this week?

There were a total of 11 nominations in the second week at Bigg Boss Nonstop House. There are 7 seniors and 4 juniors. However, only three appear in the Danger Zone. Among them are Anil Radhod, Mitra Sharma and Srirapaka. In fact Nataraj Master and Mahesh Vittal are also in the danger zone. However, the voting percentage increased slightly for both of them who performed in the Smugglers task.

If Akhil is in top place then Ariana is giving a tough fight to Akhil. Another thing is that anchor Shiva is also giving a good fight to both of them. Siva, who has a good following on social media, is getting a good voting percentage. Due to his friendship with Bindu Madhavi, Bindu Madhavi fans are also getting more votes. On the other hand, Shanmuk Jaswant followers are also voting for Anchor Shiva.

With this, the anchor Shiva was in the safe zone. It is now interesting to see if anyone from the seniors will be eliminated from the second week nominations or anyone from the juniors. There are currently three juniors in the Danger Zone. Also, Nataraj Master and Mahesh Vittal are also in a little danger zone. It will be interesting to see which of these will be eliminated.

If you look at the unofficial polling sites so far, Srirapaka and Mitra Sharma are on the list. If elimination does occur it looks likely to happen in both. Let’s see what happens next.

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