Thoothukudi hospital gets emergency care facility

Patients are treated under three categories for better care under TAEI

The Tamil Nadu Accident and Emergency Care Initiative (TAEI) was inaugurated at Thoothukudi Medical College Hospital (TMCH) by Collector Sandeep Nanduri here on Friday.

Patients brought to the ‘zero delay ward’ of Thoothukudi Medical College Hospital are treated under three categories based on the nature of emergency for better care. The new system is operated under TAEI, a new wing of the State Health Department, aimed at reducing fatalities caused in road accidents, myocardial infarction, stroke and poisoning cases. TMCH is one of the select government hospitals in the State where TAEI has been introduced.

Resident Medical Officer Silas Jeyamani said that under the new arrangement, the patients brought to the ‘zero delay ward’ are assessed by an experienced trauma care team at the triage room and assigned colour codes. “Green, yellow and red colour codes are given based on the nature of the emergency. Green is for outpatients, yellow is for inpatients, and red is given to those brought with severe trauma and myocardial infarction, stroke and poisoning cases that require intensive medical care,” the RMO said.

To fine-tune TAEI, a triage room has been set up outside the ‘zero delay ward’ where doctors assess patients and assign them colour codes. The floor has been marked with green, yellow and red colour strips for easy navigation into each ward.

Laboratory, portable X-ray machine, portable ultra sound machines etc., are available in the ward itself. CT and MRI scan facilities are very close to the ward.

“With TAEI functional, service of doctors from the departments of trauma, casualty, medicine, surgery, neuro, plastic and orthopaedic surgery will be available round-the-clock,” said Dr. Silas,

Deputy Director of Health Geetha Rani; Thoothukudi MP Jeyasingh Thiyagaraj Nattarjee; Srivaikundam MLA S.P. Shanmuganathan; Dean (in charge) Pavalan; TAEI Coordinator U. Insuvai; gastroenterologist Ramasubramanian; and Assistant Resident Medical Officer Jayapandian were present.

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