This is what Harish Shankar will do before Pawan's project

It is known that Harish Shankar is going to direct Power Star Pawan Kalyan for the second time in his career. The project was usually announced to be starting towards the end of this year. But taking current circumstances into consideration, Pawan Kalyan-Harish Shankar combination project might get more delayed than expected. It will take atleast another year to take off. This means the director has to sit idle once he finishes script work.

However there are few speculations that started to float around that Harish Shankar will do another movie before Pawan Kalyan completes his two projects which are still in production. However the director has made it clear that he will not start any project before Pawan Kalyan’s. However he has revealed that he has plans to direct a web series.

Harish Shankar has joined hands with director Krish who is also directing Pawan Kalyan for Virupaaksha. The duo will be doing something in digital space in near future.

It looks like Harish Shankar will provide scripts, direct few of them in the mean time. This is what he will be doing before moving onto Pawan Kalyan’s film.

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