This is what happened before release of Shyam Singha Roy

Natural star Nani has no right hit Subsequent films like ‘Gang Leader’, ‘V’ and ‘Tak Jagdish’ were released amid huge expectations and were disappointing. Nani, however, faced a lot of criticism in the case of ‘V’ and ‘Tuck Jagdish’ films, after ‘jersey’. The film did not even break even in some areas. But in recent times, that is, before Shyam Singa Roy, it was the only film to say that it was a hit for Nani.

The movie ‘Shyam Singa Roy‘ came at a time when it was definitely time to hit the . Released on December 24, the film received good reviews and performed well at the box office.That is to say, the film was released amidst many obstacles. The conditions in the AP were nothing good.The producer has budgeted up to Rs 55 crore for ‘Shyam Singa Roy’. Nani’s past films are disappointing.

Nani’s remarks at various film festivals that these were not enough controversial and taught negativity against him. Business did not happen to ‘Shyam Singa Roy’ in a big range amid such adverse conditions. Will the film be released till the day before December 24? Suspicions were also expressed. However, the producer dared to release Own. Nani also withdrew Rs 5 crore as his share.

Off the Rs 8 crore reward offered to him, Rs 5 crore was returned and he was left with only Rs 3 crore. It is Nani’s strong will that his film be released in theaters.That is why he seems to have taken this step. Do the rest of the heroes like me dare to support the producers? That is doubt ..!

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