These images will leave you green with envy!

Since the beginning of time, the colour green has been associated with growth, life, fertility, energy, and vitality. This invigorating and refreshing colour has demonstrated calming virtues that can bring a certain harmony to the body.

Agora launched its #Green2020 photo competition through its mobile app on May 15, following which 17,689 photos representing the colour of growth, regeneration, and health were submitted to the online contest.

The spectacular entries include a striking shot of a natural spring in Jalapão State Park, Brazil and at the Tumpak Sewu waterfall on East Java, Indonesia.

Scroll down to cast your eyes on the amazing shots — you’ll find the winning image at the bottom.

Old steam locomotive in the woods

Oh deer

Sin escapatoria

The Grandfather

Military cemetery

Green frog

Dangerously beautiful green viper

The real heroes

Natural pool

Standing on the edge

Shades of green, little hut by the lake


Urban Nature

Hope of green

Bali’s greens

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet

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