The truth about truth

When I was younger, my day used to start with ‘Once upon a time…’ and end with a ‘happily ever after’. I lived in a fantasy world where everything was colourful and exciting. Then I grew up, memorising the circumference of the earth and calculating the cost of 64 watermelons. (This is so absurd! Why should I know the circumference of the earth and who on earth buys 64 watermelons, for that matter!!)

But now, my little brain has started to believe that the world is a lot more than the princes and the princesses you see in your fairy tales. But at the same time, I am not a computer to see everything in – facts and non-facts. Life is not like a coin’s flip where you either settle for heads or for tails and nothing else. That is not the case to be.

There’s something called perspective. My truth is not ultimate, neither is yours. Life is not dealt in black or white – there are shades of grey. One man’s noise is other man’s symphony. Then, how can we say what is correct and what is not? According to what my sixteen years old brain has understood, there is nothing called an universal truth. Truth is nothing but our way of looking at things.

Shreya Khubber

Grade 11, P.K.R Jain Senior Secondary Public School, Ambala City Haryana.

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