The Hindu and Aditya group of schools conduct awareness campaign

Director of the Maxwell Hospital and leading gynaecologist Venati Sobha Reddy has stressed on the role of mothers in creating awareness about “Do’s and Dont’s” during the pre and post-puberty stage of their life to among the adolescent girls.

Addressing the young mothers and the girls studying at the Aditya group of schools in two separate sessions as part of the “World Breast Feeding Week” organised jointly by
The Hindu
in association with the Aditya group of schools in Pithapuram on Tuesday, the Hyderabad-based Dr Reddy, said, after a certain age girls share problems intimate to them, with their mothers. Addressing the sexual problems of the adolescent children would help in preventing many sex related crimes in the society, she added.

On the importance of breast feeding, Dr Reddy said the mandatory six-month breast feeding after the delivery of the child would help in solving many health problems of both the mother and the new born.

Director of Aditya Group of Schools N. Shruthi Reddy who spoke on the occasion had a special word of praise for
The Hindu
for joining hands with the Aditya Group of Schools in organising the awareness programme on breast feeding and sexual health among the adolescent children studying in the schools run by the Aditya Group of Schools in a remote semi rural area like Pithapuram.

This would go a long way in helping not only the young mothers but also the adolescent children, he said

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