The details about Mahesh Babu character in Sarkaru vari paata

Sarkaru vari paata, Directed by Parashuram, will be released in theaters on the 12th of this month. Director Parashuram has revealed some interesting things about this movie which stars Mahesh Babu and Keerthi Suresh as the heroines. Parashuram said that a month before the release of Geeta Govindam movie he had thought of Sarkaru vaari Paata story and after Geeta Govindam’s release, they had prepared the full story with Mahesh in mind.

He revealed that it was his dream to do a film with Mahesh Babu and that dream came true with this film. Parashuram commented that Mahesh Babu liked the story of this film and also the way the character was designed. He said that the character and dialogues in this film are new and this is the strong reason behind Mahesh making this film.

This movie’s story is commercial entertainment. He said that along with the hero looks in the film, the way Mahesh Babu’s character was unveiled will be new. Parashuram said that if he watches the film, he will understand why he gave me the chance to direct the film. He said that the film will be liked by the fans as well as the general audience. Parashuram commented that Thaman music and Samudrakhani acting will be special in this film.

Parashuram said that he wanted to know why Debt was compared to a girl by watching the movie. He also said that there is no message in the film but this film has a strong intention. Parashuram clarified that Mahesh Babu will not be seen as a bank employee in the film even if the story of the film goes on in the bank backdrop.

Parashuram said that there is a story behind Mahesh Tattoo and he wants to know the story by watching the movie. Parashuram raised expectations on the film with his comments. Parashuram reveals that he likes Trivikram and Puri Jagannath very much.

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