The BJP-JJP government in Haryana is more corrupt than the Chautala regime: Bhupinder Singh Hooda

"Why hasn’t the government been able to nail a single official who leaked recruitment question papers and answer keys?" asks Leader of the Opposition and former CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

“It is good that the accused who were found selling recruitment question papers and answer keys were arrested, but why hasn’t the government been able to find out the source of such leaks? I used to consider the Chautala government as the most corrupt, but this BJP-JJP dispensation has crossed all the limits. It is the most corrupt government Haryana ever had in its history”, says Leader of the Opposition and former chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, in an interview before the Haryana Assembly’s monsoon session commences on Friday.

What are the major points that Congress will be raising in the monsoon session?

There are several issues of public importance that we shall be raising and demanding the government’s reply. We have given several calling attention motions including leakage of examination paper for recruitment of 7298 male constables, increase in petrol, diesel, LPG and other essential commodities, growing unemployment in the state, withdrawal of cases of sedition against farmers, online transfer and common cadre policy of employees of medical colleges, and crop loss due to heavy rains in the state, and so on. There was another calling attention motion regarding online transfer policy for employees of universities, but the government has withdrawn this policy now. There will be more issues including ongoing farmers agitation, the sluggish pace of Covid-19 vaccination in the state, no enhancement in freedom fighter pension, giving due honour to the sportspersons, especially those who have recently won medals in the Tokyo Olympics, deteriorating law and order in the state and others.

What could be reasons for repeated paper leaks in the state’s recruitment examinations?

It is for the government to find out. There had been over 20 such recruitment examinations where question papers or answer keys were leaked. Eventually, several of these recruitments had to be cancelled. Recently also, the examination paper or answer key of the recruitment examination of 7298 male constables was leaked. Haryana staff selection commission had to cancel the recruitment examination. It is good that the accused who were found selling question papers were arrested and answer keys were found in their possession, but what about the people who leaked those papers and answer keys? Why hasn’t this government been able to find out the source of such leaks? Why has never anybody from the HSSC been hauled up for such repeated leaks? There has to be a collusion between the paper-leak mafia and those occupying positions in the government. It becomes even more serious when this government has outsourced the secrecy of such recruitment examinations. Lots of money is being spent annually to ensure the secrecy of recruitment examinations. They [BJP] used to say that my government was a Parchi-Kharchi ki sarkaar. Rather, in their own tenure, jobs are being sold in grocery stores, the way repeated incidents of paper-leaks are happening.

Never during my tenure, any recruitment examination had to be cancelled due to such allegations. There could have been instances where people approached the court on technical grounds and the recruitments got halted, but not due to such paper-leak scandals. Why has no action been taken against HSSC chairman or other senior officers who were responsible for ensuring the secrecy of these recruitment exams? The government should stop playing with the future of this state’s young generation. They study hard, spend their parents’ lifetime savings and appear in these exams with the hope to get a job. And what do they get in return? People selling answer keys and question papers for lakhs of rupees and the government eventually cancelling the recruitments.

What do you think could be the solution to the ongoing farmers’ agitation?

It is the utter failure of the state government who first dug trenches to stop the farmers, then used force on farmers by way of cane charge, tear gas and all the methods they could use to stop farmers from going to Delhi. The state government should have acted as a mediator between the farmers and the Union government and ensured that farmers’ voice and their legitimate demands are duly heard.

The chief minister has announced plans to make Haryana a sports hub. What is your take on that?

What Sports hub this government is talking about? Can they tell even a single stadium that they made during their tenure? Rather, it was me who ensured world-class sports facilities for our athletes and the youth of this state in several of the districts, be it Sonipat, Jind, Rohtak and several other places.

Are you expecting a monsoon session with a longer duration?

We would definitely want a longer session so that all those questions on which people of the state want government’s answers can be raised by us and discussed and debated on the floor of the House. However, I don’t have much hope that it will happen.

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