Thayir market reopens after five months

Alternate shops will be allowed to function every day in order avoid crowding

The vegetable market on East Marret Street, known as ‘Thayir market,’ reopened on Friday.

M. Devadas, president, East Marret Market Vegetable Vendors Association, said shopkeepers had repeatedly petitioned the district administration in the past few days urging for permission to reopen the market.

While there are around 130 shops in the market, alternate shops are only allowed to function in the market every day. “This measure is taken to ensure that there is adequate space between two shops and to avoid crowding,” he added.

All customers and shopkeepers have to wear face masks inside the market. Hand washing facility has been provided in front of the market and all customers have to undergo thermal screening before entering the market. “There is only one entrance for the customers,” Mr. Devadas added.

Apart from Thayir market, vegetable shops, which were earlier functioning at Ammal Thidal, have returned to the Central vegetable market at Mattuthavani. But, shops that were earlier functioning in fish market in Karimedu, are now functioning at the lorry shed behind the Central Vegetable Market, said an official from the revenue wing of Madurai Corporation.

S. Saravanan, a vegetable vendor at the market, said that the shopkeepers were relieved after the reopening of the market. “When the market was closed during the lockdown period, the vendors were asked to set up makeshift shops at school and college grounds. But, many shopkeepers were unable to set up makeshift shops. Hence, reopening of the market will help them earn income after many months,” he said.

A Corporation official said that the public must strictly follow safety precautions in the market, as it was usually congested.

In addition, rains can make the market slushy and filthy, said Mr. Saravanan. “This problem has plagued the market for decades. But, the Corporation officials have told us that they would regularly clean and disinfect the market, in the wake of spread of COVID-19 pandemic,” he added.

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