Text book prices up

Schools may pass on the cost to parents

Parents of children studying in private schools in the State may have to spend more for text books.

The Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka has accused Text Book Society of ‘unilaterally’ increasing the cost of text books by 20% for the current academic year.

In its letter to the Commissioner of Public Instruction, the Association has demanded that the government intervene and roll back the hike. The Association maintains that they have no option but to transfer the additional burden to parents if the government fails to take action.

D. Shashi Kumar, General Secretary of the Association, said, “The managements have already collected money from parents as per the price quoted by the Society in January. But within three months, the Society has hiked the prices. Parents are questioning school managements. When we met the director of the Department of State Educational Research Training (DSERT), he said there is no option but to pay the price fixed by the Society. We want the State government to come out with a clarification on the issue and roll back the hike.”

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