Telangana plans to set up Green Fund

CM announces monthly contribution by MLAs, MLCs, MPs, AIS officers

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has proposed setting up a Green Fund in the State “to develop a sense of participation and involvement by all sections of people” to improve greenery as a sustainable development goal and utilise the amount for scaling up government efforts.

The announcement was made during the short discussion taken up in the Assembly on ‘Haritha Haram’ programme in Telangana on Friday. He stated that forest/green cover development is the most neglected area in the country from the beginning and it has become inevitable with the increasing phenomenon of global warming.

NAC model

On the lines of the contribution for skill development programmes taken up by the National Academy of Construction (NAC) here with collection of 0.1% amount from the worth of all contracts (works) executed in the State, an equal percentage (0.1%) would be collected for the Green Fund.

Stating that charity should begin from home, the Chief Minister said that all MLAs, MLCs and MPs from the State would contribute ₹500 per month from their salary and added that TRS legislators and MPs had already given their consent.

Similarly, the All India Service officers – IAS, IPS, IFS and other officers – have agreed to contribute ₹100 per month from their salary and gazetted officers (TGOs), non-gazetted officers (TNGOs) and teachers’ unions have agreed to chip in with a contribution of ₹25 per month for the green cause from their salary.

Further, KCR proposed collection of ₹1,000 each on every licence renewal, ₹50 each on every land transaction and ₹5 to ₹100 contribution by students at the time of admission – ₹5 for primary school, ₹15 for high school, ₹25 for Intermediate, ₹50 for undergraduate and ₹100 for post-graduate and professional courses.

Floor leaders of all other parties in the Assembly, AIMIM, Congress and BJP welcomed the initiative and felt that every time an employee, officer or a student sees a growing sapling planted, they would have sense a pride that they too have some contribution in it.

UN recognition

On the success of Telangana Ku Haritha Haram programme launched in July 2015, he said that the United Nations had recognised it as the third largest human effort to improve the green cover after the ongoing plantation for Great Green Wall of China in Gobi Desert for 5,000 km length and reforestation of Amazon rain forests taken up by Brazil.

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