Telangana man behind Biden’s incisive speeches

Vinay Reddy Cholleti has roots in Pothireddypeta village of Karimnagar district

When US President Joe Biden stormed the hearts of US citizens with his incisive speech: “I pledge to be a President who seeks not to divide but unify” and “Who doesn’t see red States and blue States, only sees the United States”, there was a Telangana connection to it.

The man behind those profound statements was Vinay Reddy Cholleti, who has roots in a remote Telangana village, Pothireddypeta in Karimnagar district. His father, Narayana Reddy migrated to the USA in the 1970s to realise his dream of being a cardiologist after completing his MBBS from Hyderabad. The chief speech writer of Mr. Biden, though born and brought up in Dayton, Ohio, perhaps acquired that political acumen from his grandfather Tirupathi Reddy, who served as the Village sarpanch for 30 years.

Political sensitivity, judgement and comprehension comes from his blood perhaps, says Vinay’s uncle Kishan Reddy, who also served as the Sarpanch for many years. “The village is on the world map because of our family members and it’s a great honour for all the villagers,” the former Chairman of the Lower Maneru Dam told The Hindu over phone. He says Vinay was the speech writer when Mr. Biden was the Vice-President during Mr. Obama’s time as well.

Despite being in the USA for nearly half a century , the family continues its ties with the village. Vinay’s father Dr. Narayan Reddy and mother Vijaya Reddy regularly visit the village and contribute to its development. They have retained their ancestral agriculture land in the village ensuring the connection remains.

Dr. Narayan Reddy’s love for his village, where he was born and raised has not diminished. “He has contributed ₹ 1 lakh for construction of Pochamma temple in the village recently and also earlier,” Mr. Kishan Reddy said.

Vinay is the second of the three sons and was raised on Ohio. He attended his schooling in Dayton, Ohio and acquired a Law degree from the Ohio State University College of Law. According to his uncle, he has married a Telugu and they live in New York.

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