Teen Murti house: P.M.’s reply

The Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi has informed the Samyukta Socialist leader, Mr. Madhu Limaye that the decision to make Teen Murti House the official residence of the Prime Minister was taken by the entire Cabinet after careful consideration and not by her or by the Deputy Prime Minister. In a letter addressed to Mr. Limaye yesterday [August 9, New Delhi], Mrs. Gandhi said “I was astonished to read the contents of your letter of August 8 in the newspapers this morning, before I actually received the letter itself. (The S.S.P. leader, Mr. Madhu Limaye has in a letter to the Prime Minister criticised the proposal and has urged her to consider certain issues before taking a final decision. He has accused Mr. Desai of “offering” the Teen Murti House to Mrs. Gandhi as “compensation” for the Prime Minister’s support to his continuance in office).

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