Teachers must take extra efforts

In every class there will be a heterogeneous groups of students and some of them may be weak in academics. Each student is weak in his own way – grasping new concepts, ability to recall, etc. The first duty of the school is to identify these students and their problems through tests. Teacher must be patient with these students and carefully guide them. They should not be stamped as “weak students”.

The teaching must be individualised. They should be motivated with encouraging words and their efforts must be applauded. A study time table can be set along with the setting of goals. Tips can also be given to remember topics and writing practice can be given through mock tests.

A “No- Fear” kind of environment must be provided to ease learning. . Sometimes, group study with a mixed bag of students also help in overall learning. Above all, parents also must be involved in the efforts.

Sikha Ray Chaudhuri

Principal, Appollo National Public School, Bangalore

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