T.N. Assembly polls | Where all members of a community vote, and vote for change

The Narikuravar community in Tiruparthur district holds a meeting a week before the elections and decides whom to vote for, after an analysis of each candidate’s promises

For 18 -year-old R. Ranjitha from the Narikuravar community, applying the indelible ink on her finger and casting a vote for the first time was an exciting experience. She hopes that the person who comes to power will work towards her community’s benefit.

There are more than 1,000 Narikuravars living in Gandhi Nagar, Agaramcheri, Ambur constituency Tirupathur district. Of them, 260 are voters. Members of the community claimed that there were 46 first-time voters among them. “I don’t know much about politics but I wanted to exercise my democratic right. I hope the candidate I chose will win and do good for the constituency, especially for us,” Ms. Ranjitha said.

Members of this community, who have been living in Gandhi Nagar, for many decades, have never failed to vote even once. “We come as a group to vote. Nearly four decades ago, we wanted to boycott the elections as our demands were not met. But we didn’t do it and voted,” said S. Anandan an elderly member of the community.

D. Rajini,one of the leaders in the community living in Agaramcheri, said a week before the election, a meeting is held among the members and they decide that everyone should vote. “We analyse what each candidate has promised for the development of our community and we decide whom to vote for,” he said

Mr. Rajini said that they need proper houses and good drinking water supply. He alleged that during Chief Minister K Kamaraj regime they were given 65 acres of land. “But it was grabbed by different people. I advise youngsters that it is important to vote to choose a leader who can bring about a change in society. I want our community members to focus on the education of our children, especially girls,” he said.

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