Super-efficient Cancer drug released out – Deets inside

An efficient Cancer drug has been rolled out that was being tried out by a research center in New York. It was the case of a miracle cure as an Indian origin patient, Nisha Varughese, was among those who cured of Cancer after receiving this medication.

The drug trial acquired an unprecedented healing rate when all 14 patients in the trial had their cancers disappear. Nisha Varughese later explained her experience of using the drug.

According to the reports, this is the first time that all the cancer patients in a trial were completely healed with medication without any serious side effects. It is being touted as a revolutionary treatment shift. The New York cancer center elucidates that immunotherapy employs the body’s own immune system as a knit against cancer.

One of the cancer specialists, who ran the trial, Andrea Cercek said the immunotherapy shrank the tumors much faster than they expected. As per reports, the results of this trial conducted at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center will be apparent to a larger set of patients with rectal cancer or not is still not known. But this is definitely a step toward a promising but unknown future with immunotherapy.

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