Summer showers in Virudhunagar, Aruppukottai

Summer showers brought good amount of rainfall to Virudhunagar (58 mm), Kovilankulam (33.20) Aruppukottai (24) and Tiruchuli (22) in the last 24 hours till 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

However, the rain gauge stations along the Western Ghats like Srivilliputtur, Rajapalayam, Watrap and Pilavakkal did not receive any rainfall.

“The Meteorological Department has forecast that the district could receive rainfall for the next three days. It will be useful for the horticultural crops, vegetables and standing paddy crops,” said Joint Director (Agriculture), S. Uthandaraman.

The rain will help standing paddy crops on around 5,000 hectares in Rajapalayam, Watrap and Srivilliputtur blocks. Similarly, it will aid vegetable growing in Rajapalayam, Sivakasi, Kariyapatti, Mallankinaru, Watrap and Narikudi areas.

Similarly, the sharp showers will encourage farmers to take up summer ploughing that will recharge the rain-fed farms. “Summer ploughing will also help the farmers in weeding process,” Mr. Uthandaraman added.

Meanwhile, he expected more rainfall in Rajapalayam, Watrap and Srivilliputtur blocks where a section of coconut trees have been infected Rugose Whitefly attack.

“The hot atmospheric temperature is conducive for the whitefly to flourish. Though forceful spraying of water on the palms will reduce the impact of the pest attack, rain will be a natural solution to wash away the whitefly,” the Joint Director said.

Stating that the Rugose Whitefly that stays behind the leaves, suck its sap and make them turn yellow, he said that it leads to fungal infection that makes the leaves become black.

The blackening of leaves prevent photosynthesis and the palms get reduced yield as the coconuts start to shrink.

Rainfall reported in other places (in mm): Sattur – 19 and Vembakottai 4.20.

There was widespread rain in Kodaikanal on Monday evening for about 45 minutes while light showers were experienced in parts of Theni district.

Many parts in Tirunelveli and Kanniyakumari district received steady showers. A woman, identified as Rajeswari (50) of Sindupundurai near Tirunelveli junction, died, when lightning struck, as she was taking a bath in the Thamiraparani.

The dams in the two districts received copious inflow during the last 24 hours ending 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

In Tenkasi, cool breeze brought in hope among shopkeepers for the ‘Saaral vizha’ but the COVID-19 pandemic had resulted in ban on tourists kept them on a dull note. A few months ago, when the pandemic situation eased, the government had thrown open the falls. Due to the summer, there was no water and the region wore a deserted look.

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