Stuck in culvert pipe, seven-year-old dies

A seven-year-old girl died after being stuck in a gushing culvert pipe under Shamboni cheruvu of Patharlapahad village in the mandal on Friday.

The girl was identified as Minnie, eldest of the three children of Sura Ramesh and Manisha in the village.

Minnie joined her mother who was going to the tank to wash clothes.

Even as her mother was at work, the girl who was playing there accidentally slipped into the flowing stream and soon ended up in the RCC culvert pipe and got stuck in it.

Residents said Shamboni cheruvu started overflowing only last week in the wake of heavy rains and as a result the village road and the approach to Thallasingaram village were inundated.

It was decided to channel the heavy stream and also make emergency way for transport and movement, and so a few RCC culvert pipes were laid.

Following the incident, locals who were alerted began rescue operation by clearing the debris in the pipes even as gushing stream continued. Minnie was stuck inside the culvert pipe about 30 minutes, but by the time she was pulled out, she breathed her last.

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