Strict action against traffic rule violators: Minister

‘Well-choreographed visuals are being created to mislead the public’

Stringent action will be taken against those who openly violate and challenge motor vehicle rules and COVID-19 restrictions, Transport Minister Antony Raju told the Assembly on Wednesday.

He was replying to a calling attention motion moved by Mathew.T.Thomas, MLA, regarding road accidents and road safety in the State.

The Minister said that an organised attempt is being made to violate motor vehicle rules. Well-choreographed visuals are being created, rivalling even that of television serials, showing the seemingly helpless cries of those who are caught in traffic offences, to mislead the general public.

The public and the media should support the motor vehicle officials who are ensuring that the rules are being followed. Organised attempts to destroy the morale of officials will not be allowed, said Mr.Raju.

He said that the co-ordination between the Public Works, Police and Health Departments should strengthened to reduce road accidents. The respective local bodies will also ensure that co-ordination at the ground level.

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