States asked to expedite implementation of ECBC

Move to help cut 50% energy use by 2030

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has emphasised the need for expediting the implementation of the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) and issuing a G.O on updated ECBC-2017, which is a cost – effective tool for slowing the growth in energy demand in the future.

In a webinar with the States on the ECBC on Sunday, BEE director general Abhay Bhakre said the effective implementation of ECBC would help in achieving 50% reduction in energy used in the building sector in the country by 2030.

He requested the Energy and Municipal Administration & Urban Development (MA&UD) Departments of States to take immediate measures as per the ECBC policy of the Government of India.

The Union Ministry of Power was keen on the adoption of ECBC-2017 in commercial buildings which would translate to energy savings of around 300 billion units by 2030 in the country and peak demand reduction of over 15 GW in a year, equivalent to savings of ₹35,000 crore and CO2 reduction of 250 million tonnes, Mr. Bhakre stated.


The ECBC is applicable to any commercial building or complex that has a plot area of 1,000 square metres or more and buildings like multiplexes, hospitals and hotels must comply with it (ECBC) irrespective of their built-up areas.

Energy Secretary N. Srikant said the State government had integrated the ECBC compliance into the online Development Permission Management System (DPMS) for building approvals in 2019.

ECBC was demonstrated in 12 buildings and the Energy Department has already empanelled 34 Third Party Assessors for reviewing and certifying the building designs in the first phase, he added.

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