Stagnant sewage irks residents

The stagnation of sewage on Fatima Nagar, Second Street, in Bethaniyapuram here for over a week has irked residents. Despite lodging complaints with the Madurai Corporation officials, no action has been taken to address the issue yet, the residents complain.

B. Selvi, a resident, said that there were around 100 families residing in the street. Sewage has been oozing out of more than five sewage chambers for the past one week. “In many cases, the sewage can be seen stagnant in front of the houses, causing severe inconvenience to residents,” she said.

The residents complain about living amid the stench and squalor. “If the area receives a downpour, then the sewage water enters the houses,” complained P. Kumar, another resident.

The sewage also poses the risk of becoming the breeding spot for mosquitoes, the residents echo.

Ms. Selvi said that she lodged complaints with the Corporation’s Whatsapp number two times to redress the issue. However, no action has been taken yet, she added.

A Corporation official said that action will be taken to redress the problem.

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