Spoon Holder

You will need:

Carrots (four in number), Bottle Gourd (Dudhi), Toothpicks.


1. Cut out a thick disc-like piece from the centre of the bottle gourd (Dudhi). Place it flat on the surface.

2. Take each carrot and cut off its front and end portions.

3. Next, slit the carrot vertically into two, as shown Repeat with other carrots – you will get eight such pieces in total.

4. Take two of these pieces and place them side by side over the bottle gourd disc. Pass toothpicks through the two pieces from either side to hold them firmly.

5. From the bottom of the disc, insert toothpicks to attach each carrot piece to the disc.

6. Repeat the procedure with the other carrot pieces by placing them such that they form the sides of a square–shaped holder.

7. With all sides enclosed, your vegetable spoon holder is ready!

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