Speaker asks CM to ensure presence of Ministers during legislature session

The ‘general practice’ of Ministers is to seek exemption citing work in their constituency

Ahead of the legislature session, Legislative Assembly Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri has prevailed upon Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and Minister for Parliamentary Affairs J. C. Madhuswamy to direct Ministers to be present in the House during the legislature proceedings from September 13-24.

In separate letters to Mr. Bommai and Mr. Madhuswamy, the Speaker drew their attention to the ‘general practice’ of Ministers to seek exemption from House proceedings owing to work in the constituency.

“However, the absence of Ministers during debates is neither advisable nor acceptable as many Ministers will have to reply to questions raised by members on matters of public importance. The absence of Ministers would deprive members of the opportunity to get a reply from the treasury benches. It is in this background that I would like to prevail upon both of you to direct the Ministers to be present in the House,” states the Speaker’s letter.

The Speaker has addressed similar letters to every Minister in which he has prevailed upon them to take part in the House proceedings and not to seek exemption citing programmes in their respective constituencies.

Mr. Kageri has directed the Chief Secretary to instruct officials to be present during the session.

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