SPB sings Kaikini’s song on COVID-19

Multilingual singer S.P. Balasubrahmanyam has uploaded on social media a Kannada song, penned by poet Jayant Kaikini, to create awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The song, which has now become viral, describes COVID-19 as an unseen enemy and appeals to people to ensure they do not become a vehicle for the virus causing the disease and to give themselves a chance to survive, and also creates awareness on hygiene.

“The poem is an appeal to people to stand up and respond to the crisis at hand. I still see there is a lack of awareness and indifference among many. It is one of the biggest crisis of our times and we need to cooperate to fight it,” said Mr. Kaikini. The song also raises concerns of the poor, homeless, labourers, and street vendors, and calls upon people to set aside a meal for them.

“It is a crisis of our own making by destroying the environment, forests, and habitats of the wild. I hope at least after we get over this crisis, we rethink our lifestyle,” said the poet.

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