‘Spandana’ gains traction at national-level training programme

Prakasam SP explains its uses and advantages to senior IPS officers

The ‘Spandana’ programme, evolved and implemented using low-cost information and communication technology(ICT) by the Prakasam police, caught attention of the participants at an online training programme for IPS officers organised by the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy.

Addressing senior officers from across the country at the ‘Mid Career training programme(MCTP)’, Prakasam Superintendent of Police Siddharth Kaushal highlighted the working of the ICT initiative through video conferencing after giving a power-point presentation on ‘Spandana Online, Spandana Online Beyond Borders’.

He explained how the initiative, birthed to make the process of getting one’s grievance resolved easier, has helped petitioners from not just within the district and elsewhere in the country but also from foreign countries.

Earlier, people from the faraway areas had to travel long distances from remote places to reach the District Headquarters, spending a lot of money and time. Many a time their grievances remained unresolved despite running from pillar to post.

“Now, through ‘Spandana Online’, people can talk to us directly from their nearest police station via video conference and get their grievances resolved virtually. The digital process ensures faster justice, thereby reducing the cost incurred by the government and the public. It also makes police personnel more accountable,” he said.

Every petition received by the complainant in this online programme is recorded in Crime and Criminal Tracking Network Systems(CCTNS) to ensure accountability, continued the SP. The whole process is video-recorded and streamed live on the social media. This makes it easier for the police to provide services with 100% reliability and transparency. Every officer, from all the police stations, circle offices and sub-divisional offices in the district, takes part in the programme, he added.

‘Affordable price’

According to the available market price, the conventional video conferencing facility in 84 police stations across the district could cost up to ₹3.3 crore. But, ‘Spandana’, which required computers and low-cost software, costed ₹2 lakh, he said.

So far more than 4,300 people across the district have availed the services. The SP also said that the programme was able to reach 10.5 million people on social media in a very short span of time.

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