South West Monsoon rainfall to continue for a few more days

The South West Monsoon season that ends usually by September 30 continues in Coimbatore, and other parts of the State.

The district would continue to receive rain for a few more days, said S.P. Ramanathan, Head, Agro Climate Research Centre at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

As of October 5, the district had received 35.5mm rainfall. Though the monsoon extended into October, it had, however, not altered the the district’s rainfall realisation for this year as it was in deficit. From June to September, the district had received 117.5mm – June 15mm, July 30.5mm, August 38.5mm and September 33.5mm.

The total rainfall predicted was 204 mm. Along with last few days’ rain, the district had only received 153mm, which was 51mm short of the prediction, Mr. Ramanathan said.

Quoting Indian Meteorological Department prediction, he said the North East Monsoon was likely to start after October 10. It was expected give normal rainfall for 27 of the 38 districts in the State and excess rainfall for the others.

Impact on Siruvani

The deficiency in rainfall showed in the water level in the Siruvani Reservoir. As of October 5, the water level stood at 43.24 feet as against the full reservoir level of 49.50 feet.

The water level had not touched even the 45 feet mark, the level up to which the Kerala Irrigation Department had permitted storage following floods a few years ago.

Sources in the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board said that during the South West Monsoon season, the water level in the reservoir would touch the full reservoir level at least once. But this time it was well below that level.

If the North East Monsoon turned out to be good, there were chances of the water level inching up, at least till the permitted 45 feet mark. Every inch of rise in the level would be vital to Coimbatore city managing the water supply during summer next year.

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