Smart mosquito surveillance system for Thiruvananthapuram

Mayor K. Sreekumar on Tuesday inaugurated the installation of the Smart Mosquito Surveillance System as part of the civic body’s Smart City project. The system makes use of various technologies to alert the Corporation’s health wing regarding the location, density and type of mosquito population.

With this information, the authorities can plan selective fumigation of the areas and then monitor the effect it had on the mosquito population. Smart Mosquito Surveillance System eliminates blind spraying of fumigation and thus enables Smart Fumigation.


The system consists of a number of smart mosquito sensors, located around the city and a dashboard set up in the Integrated command and control centre at the Corporation. Sensors would be located in most susceptible areas where mosquitoes are likely to breed, including waterbodies, hospitals and markets. Areas with a high number of reported dengue or malaria cases in recent years, high human population density, and poor sanitation would be targeted in the beginning.

Types and density

These sensors capture and identify mosquito types and density. The sensors would report this information over the telecom network to a server on a regular basis. These sensors use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to classify mosquitoes using wing beat, circadian rhythm, height of flight and location parameters. The system is expected to become functional by December.

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