Shalu Chourasiya : An unidentified person tries to assault me physically

We have already reported that the Telugu actress Shalu Chaurasia was injured in an attack by an unidentified person near  the KBR Park in Banjara Hills on Sunday night. Her mobile phone snatched away when she was taking a stroll around 8.30 pm.

Shalu Chourasiya who complained about phone snatching and assault incident near the KBR park had addressed the media to narrate her horrific experience and provided the  details on what happened on the incident day. He  tried to rob her first and later assault her physically.

Telugu actress Shalu Chourasiya  said, “I was attacked by an unidentified person when she was returning from the park. As I  was using earphones i did not see that a man was approaching me from the backside.  Suddenly an unidentified man caught me. He dared to rob me as no one was present  there and it was pitch dark surrounded by trees at one spot in the park. Shalu added that he could not understand Hindi language which she was speaking as he kept on asking for money in Telugu.

According to  Shalu Chourasiya , he pushed her on a rock, so  she lost consciousness for one or two seconds and he  tried to molest her. A cloth was tufted into her mouth and she could not scream for help. But she  escaped from the situation by jumping off the fence at the park.

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